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Go For No

Go for NO. You are closer to your next YES.

Looking through my photo archive recently, I came across this – a picture of my old Toshiba laptop with its damaged keyboard.

Has the “N” key broken due to poor build quality or has my activity caused it through typing “No. Not required” very frequently, in my travels?

I’m sure Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton, co-authors of Go For No: Yes Is The Destination, No Is How To Get There, would put it down to my activity 😊

Quote source: https://www.goforno.com

If the use of the phone is in your business development toolkit, here are some ideas which might help you:

  • Treat the list you are working from as a feedback sheet – some yesses, some refusals and some long-term call backs.
  • Aim for between 6 and 8 refusals every day you make calls. The successes will follow.
  • Track your refusals for a pattern. The results might show a change of strategy or audience is needed
  • Avoid spending too much energy on each call. If you get a rejection, move on quietly.

But, whatever you do, don’t break your keyboard. Go gentle on it!

Here’s an endorsement for the gentle approach from a prospective client, while working on a project for a New Era account:

“Thank you, Richard for not treating me like an idiot and for not trying to sell me something straightaway”

Dear readers, thank you for reading.

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