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Knowing our own minds

Do we always know exactly what we want and how a product or service is going to work for us?

The simple answer is no.

T-shirts, books and cornflakes offer us straightforward solutions to help us look cool, to help entertain or educate us, or to help keep hunger at bay.

These are simple products and we decide on the purchase of them without seeking the advice of a consultant.

Whereas, IT systems, technology or the right type of insurance will require the input and helping hand of a guide, because the demands, specifications and requirements of individual businesses and sites vary.

Without guidance, we can easily make a wrong decision. And that decision might be a very costly mistake.

If your services are bespoke and require the helping hand of a guide, it’s best to get the human contact in early, as part of your follow up process.

Have an enquiring mind.

Ask meaningful questions.

Conversations build trust and improve conversions.

“I would say that curiosity is key. You need to always be asking questions. The risk of a conversation going nowhere is strong if you aren’t listening.” – Francois Carle.

Quote source: https://www.klenty.com/

Thank you for reading.

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