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No name give up

Here is the no name give up scenario: “I’m afraid I cannot give out the name of the person you need to speak with. But if you send your information to the generic address, it will be picked up by the right person.”

Hmm. Insufficient for this Prospecting Poirot!

Firstly, what do they have to be fearful of? I’m not going to get all shouty, spill my life story and plead with them to divulge their colleague’s name 😊

Secondly, the no name give-up policy is designed to put off only those who give up in an instant.

Me? I prefer to take a step back, do my own research and find the likeliest person.

The purpose of my initial call here is to:

  • Start the relationship building process with the decision maker’s team.
  • Ask permission.
  • Email information.

The goal is to set the scene and tell the story by sending the message.

Often the path to achieving this isn’t smooth but we can always reach our destination via another route.

“When it is obvious that goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the steps.” – Confucius

Quote source: https://philosiblog.com/

Thank you for reading.

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