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Is shouting convincing?

Imagine walking down the street or speaking with someone on the phone and immediately firing off a sales pitch at high speed, expecting them to buy.

If people have a need for a product or service, they’ll go out and buy it. I’m guessing not many people are scared into action by loud messaging. How would we respond if we were accosted by loudness?

So, to gain a greater understanding of any marketing challenges, the important first step we all must do is to put ourselves into the shoes of our audience. 

This is the essence of lead generation. Once we have done the essentials by building awareness, familiarity and trust, some of our strangers will become clients. And they will become clients when the time is right for them.

Together, we will also be transmitting and receiving on the same frequency and our volume will be balanced and harmonious 😊

Just a thought…

“Shouting something didn’t make it any more possible.” – Susan Sontag

Quote source: https://wisdomquotes.com

Thank you for reading.

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