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How Cultured Are You? Signs of a Culture Vulture

According to research by Yakult, perceptions of culture can vary but the one thing that almost everyone has in common a desire to experience more of it. Being cultured can simply be a case of showing interest in the world and experiencing new things. We can all benefit.

The study of 2000 people found seven in ten wished to be more cultured, although; rather revealingly, a significant number admitted to not knowing what the term means!

The top sign of being cultured in the UK was going to the theatre, closely followed by recognising works of art. Other signs included:

  • Listening to classical music.
  • Enjoying ballet.
  • Buying food from the “finer” store.
  • Knowing which wine would go best with the meal.
  • Having a sound knowledge of cheese and being familiar with the different cuts of meat.
  • Reading a book before bedtime.
  • Being happy to watch the news, rather than channel-hopping.
  • Choosing to watch documentaries, The Antiques Roadshow and Question Time.
  • Owning a library card.
  • Watching sub-titled films.
  • Being skilled in the use of chopsticks!
  • Taking countryside walks, visiting local heritage sites and being able to read music.

How did you all do? I’m definitely a work in progress!

Now I’m off to learn how to say the name of the grain, quinoa. For the uncultured it is phonetically pronounced keen-wah.

Thank you for reading.

Until the next time.

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