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“We have had the pleasure of Richard providing us with client lead generation for approximately 3 years. In that time, he became part of our team and we found him to be trustworthy, honest, reliable and self-motivated.“ – KB, Commercial Director, Peterborough

‘Richard has worked with APC on a number of projects. Richard has a professional and methodical approach to telemarketing. He has good attention to detail, is persistent with a high level of personal and business integrity. He understands the process of moving potential clients through the sales pipeline process. We would not hesitate to recommend Richard.’ – Denise Moreton, marketing manager, APC Solutions Group

“Richard has given me some invaluable advice on telemarketing and is always willing to help. He is also very ethical in the way he works. I would recommend him to anyone needing his services.”

– Gareth Frensham, protection adviser, Birch Financial Solutions

“I see Richard as a Bulldog with Labrador traits!  I was able to leave him with my list of potential clients and he worked through them in a thorough but friendly manner.  This has resulted in several appointments giving me the opportunity to get in front of new clients. It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that as I’m working on other projects my marketing is ticking away in the background.  Thank you Richard, I look forward to many more projects”. – Sally Parkinson, photographer

“I have no reservations in recommending Richard. He is a man of integrity and does all that he promises. I could not do the work that he does so I can only admire his determination and resolve.” Ken Connor, Chartered Financial Planner and Director of Moneo Wealth Management  Limited.

“After meeting Richard a few times on the 4Networking circuit, I really began to like his attitude and professionalism, therefore gave him a selection of my prospect clients to canvas. As expected, he has handled the calls very professionally, gained some good leads and reported back in detail. Fully recommended.” Brian Chester, Director, Sceptre Finance Limited – an independent asset finance brokerage. 

“Further to our conversation last week, I would like to put you in touch with Richard. Earlier this year, I paid an extortionate amount of money for a telesales company to make calls, and got very little from it. About 2 months later I met Richard who is persistent and tenacious enough to “hoover up” many of the missed opportunities and did so just through consistently going back over the same data and quietly building relationships with the potential clients.

I would recommend that after you send information out to customers, Richard does some follow up calls, to make it a more successful project.” Julian Sander, senior adviser and franchisee at WPA Healthcare – a leading provider of corporate private medical insurance.

“I am an independent finance, treasury and business risk consultant and have known Richard for nearly two years. Over this period of time, we have been working together on building a corporate treasury, tax and risk management practice.

I have always found Richard to be very professional in his approach to prospective clients. As can be seen from the structure and content of the approach letters he designs; he has an eye for detail, works diligently to identify client needs and expectations, and has a feel for how his associates work and an understanding of their expertise. He conveys this message across to prospective clients in a straightforward but positive manner.

The nature of Richard’s work requires the qualities of a target driven and forward looking individual, in order for a project to maintain momentum. Richard has these qualities and I have no hesitation in recommending him to you.” R. G., independent finance, treasury and business risk consultant.

“I have known Richard for over five years, I met him when I was Sales Manager for a Hertfordshire-based estate planning company. For four years, Richard introduced me to clients who were interested in the services I could provide (initially this was setting up Wills and Trusts for mitigation of Inheritance tax). The clients Richard introduced me to were all High Net Worth Individuals, allowing me to significantly develop my offerings from simple Wills and Trusts to then act as an introducer myself for tax planning, mortgages, pensions and investments.

The way our relationship worked was that Richard would source the names and contact details of prospects, plus make all the necessary contact with them to set up a first appointment. Having tried to replicate this myself, I know this is already a huge amount of work. Richard would frequently have to convince prospects of the need for a meeting at all – this required Richard to have an excellent understanding of my service offerings, when prospects might be a good fit, and when they were a less suitable fit.

Richard is an effective communicator – he can appropriately set the prospect’s expectations about the length, content and nature of the first meeting. The High Net Worth Individuals who Richard introduced me to were highly intelligent and not the usual type of people who would openly seek advice. However, Richard was able to handle their frequent objections in order to set up many meetings. Richard would provide me with prospects every week, and overall; was my main introducer.

Richard is proficient in all communication types – emails, postal letters and telephone calls. All his communications, on my behalf, were prepared to very high professional standards and his consistent, diligent approach of sending emails / postal information, followed up shortly afterwards with a telephone call.

Richard is highly dependable and trustworthy.” M. G., worked with Richard while an estate planning consultant