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Name: Richard Bull-Domican, Founder

Mobile: (+44) (0)7708 096532




Marketing great ideas has been a common thread running throughout Richard’s professional life.

Since founding NEFI in 2007, Richard has helped his clients by combining some of the new techniques of marketing, which allow organisations of any type and size to reach out to an infinite number of individuals, with the old-style technique of relationship building to generate sales leads. He follows up promotional email shots or mailshots by phone to gauge interest and arrange appointments.

Richard takes the view that his clients are the experts and; therefore, best placed to build the relationship at a meeting following the initial approach and introduction. He loves working with experts and running with their great ideas!

Before starting a new assignment, Richard works to gain a full understanding of his clients’ marketing proposition (“to really get under its skin”) so he is in a strong position to promote and reinforce the unique or unusual characteristics of his clients’ products or services. He can either work with his clients’ previously prepared promotional material or design the introductory letter or email from a blank canvas.

Richard’s professional approach means he builds rapport easily over the phone. He is well-versed in dealing with senior City-based executives and high-ranking officers in companies. Commitment to his business associates means that Richard will always ensure that, once a project is undertaken, will be seen through until completion. In return, the commitment he seeks in return from his clients is that there is an agreed strategy in place, together with a budget sufficient to see a project through to its conclusion.

Richard is available to discuss how he may help sole traders, private practices and small/medium-sized enterprises boost revenue from their marketing by winning new clients and helping them stay in touch with those loyal to them.

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Consultation – discuss the marketing and business development options available

Advice – assist with the plan

Mentoring – in-house team development

Implementation – play an active part in the doing. This is vital!