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The Importance For You To Convert Strangers Into Cust...

Here at New Era, we specialise in converting strangers into customers for our clients. This is the essence of lead generation.

To gain a greater understanding of any marketing challenges, the important first step we all must take is to put ourselves into the shoes of our clients, no matter what product or service we offer.

Can you imagine walking down the street or speaking with someone on the phone and immediately firing off a sales pitch at high speed, expecting them to buy?

It might work occasionally, but these occasions are as rare as hens’ teeth!

So please, firstly arrange to send some information the the best point of contact and then reach them through multiple touch points: more calls, an email resend of the introduction, email updates of news or product/ service updates, direct mail, social media or through an invite to an event.

Build yourself a great list and put on it as much feedback as you can. We can’t remember everything…!

This is what good lead generation is all about and once you have done the essentials, your strangers will become clients, when the time is right for them.

Please feel free to message me with any questions or queries you might have.

Good luck and best wishes!



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