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Competing priorities

We all have competing priorities, whether they are personal, financial, or business.

“When someone tells you they are too busy, it’s not a reflection of their schedule, it’s a reflection of your spot on their schedule.” – Steve Maraboli

Quote source: https://goodreads.com

The Bell Curve of Marketing segments our buyers into 5 adopter categories, to describe how quickly each will take up our products or services:

  1. Innovators – represent 2.5% of our buyers.
  2. Early Adopters – represent 13.5% of our buyers.
  3. Early Majority – represent 34% of our buyers.
  4. Late Majority – represent 34% of our buyers.
  5. Very Late Adopters – represent 16% of our buyers.

It’s important to keep our audience updated with news, ideas and advice, no matter how close they are to making a buying decision.

Respect them. Give them the time and space to decide on that moment they are ready to engage with you.

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