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Diligent follow up

Diligent follow up is a superpower!

There is always economic uncertainty and there is always increasing competition in just about every industry sector. We set ourselves apart from almost all the competition by following up regularly to see if we can help our potential buyers.

But how?

Put a call back rota in place.

It’s a comfort to know there are people we can call every day, every week, every month who have previously shown an interest in what we do.

This is our pipeline. It’s valuable.

They might engage this time round. We can only find out by asking them.

Building our inventory of positive touch points is tough work. However, it is rewarding and somebody has to do it!

“Diligent follow up and follow through will set you apart from the crowd and communicate excellence.” – John C Maxwell

Quote source: https://sourcesofinsight.com

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