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The MD’s Nightmare

Setting the scene #

“Our biggest client had walked away. Their budgets had changed and they were no longer prioritising our services.

Another major account was teetering for different reasons. They had started to do the work in-house and couldn’t justify the budget for both an in house and external supplier of services.

There were some fundamental things to address, in terms of business and sales growth.

How was I going to do it?

I’d spent too much time on the road serving existing clients. Our business had become too reliant on a small number of large contracts.

They were demanding more and more of my time and the business wasn’t being paid for that extra time. My business was subsidising projects.

Time away from the office meant that I wasn’t focusing on my business I was stuck and the situation was painful.

I pulled people in to help with the sales effort but they didn’t last too long. I’d not been able to spend enough time on educating them about what it is we do, how we go about it and who we prefer to work with. Our sales and marketing activity has been intermittent, at best.

Change of emphasis #

We need a change of emphasis. Our sales momentum needs to be given a shot in the arm.

To transform the business, we need a different long-term approach. A couple of quick fix platforms, promoting instant results had been tried, with no success.”

The solution #

Big brands keep advertising.

Coca Cola, Proctor & Gamble, Unilever, Tesco, Guinness – they are all present in our consciousness, because they promote their wares across many marketing channels.

And they still need to advertise, even though:

  • The brands are well established.
  • Their products are instantly recognisable.
  • Most of us have tried them at least once.


Because they need to maintain their position in a very competitive market.

Therefore, it follows that, if the major brands need to keep pushing forward, we all need to keep doing the same.

For organisations selling products and services business to business, networking, telemarketing, email marketing, newsletters and LinkedIn, are five powerful individual marketing pillars.

More marketing power and momentum can be generated by using all five. Afterall, it’s not a great strategy to wait for the phone to ring or the email to ping.

This is how we can help #

Since 2007, New Era Financial Introductions has supported clients with lead generation.

Lead generation to us, is the extra piece in the marketing puzzle between the actual marketing function (which is there to raise awareness about a business and its products and services) and sales (the role of presenting options to potential clients and finding the right solution.)

Sometimes the process gets stuck. Proper lead gen helps keep the process moving via active follow up of enquiries and interest.

We help clients in 4 ways:

  1. Follow up of open quotes and proposals stored away in their CRM system.
  2. Re-engagement with their lapsed clients.
  3. Introduction to new clients in sectors where they are already strong.
  4. Introduction to new clients in new commercial sectors.

Our advantage is, we are not restricted by client type or sector because our focus is on relationship building and this is not sector specific. All success in commerce tracks back to the strength of our nurtured relationships.

If you are ready to discuss your plans, we have capacity to work with one more process-driven client.

“Don’t wait for the right opportunity. Create it.” – George Bernard Shaw.

Quote source: https://quotefancy.com

Thank you for reading.

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