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Evolving landscape

Just how significant is this within the evolving business landscape?

The move to a virtually-driven world has accelerated another shift to a new sales model, one that emphasises building meaningful relationships as the key to delivering customer value and doing business.

Relationships are built the best when the approach is well judged, when it is well timed and when the message is crystal clear.

Looking at all aspects of business, Seth Godin in a recent blog, stated that open systems, loosely coordinated networks and laptops are changing the dynamic between David and Goliath.

He proposes it’s now possible for tiny teams to have significant impacts on the entrenched power structures.

As a result, the incentives shift.

Now, a tiny team has little benefit in being just a cheap cog in a big system, and a huge upside for challenging conventional wisdom with new insights.

Keep collaborating, innovating and investing in new approaches. After all, it is ideas, communication and collaboration that help keep this big old world turning.

Exciting times!

“Celebrate the excitement of trying to build something new and wonderful.” – Abhijit Banerjee, Birmingham Business School.

Quote source: https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/

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