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Improve conversion

Improve conversion through conversation.

“The questions you ask are more important than the things you could ever say.” – Thomas Freese

If we know exactly who our buyers are.

If we know exactly who the decision-maker is for a particular product or service.

And if we send them an email…..

They may open it, but they may not express their intentions directly to us unless they have an emergency and they’ve tried every means possible to remedy the situation themselves.

In this instance, a prospective client will have an immediate requirement for our offerings and will then tend to come back to us as experts in our fields.

These occasions are rare. Sorry!

There are many, many situations, however, where our messages do get opened and there might be some interest, but it isn’t shown because, just right now, in the moment, THEY don’t know what they will be doing in the short term.

And WE don’t know:

  • Whether arrangements with a current product or service provider will be reviewed.
  • Whether there is a contract up for renewal.
  • Or whether our products or services will be needed at all.

What’s important is that we reach out to them.

We have a conversation.

Bounce ideas off them.

Get some idea of when a follow up conversation might be timelier.

Send them some additional information.

Arrange a meeting.

Do something that will be of value to them.

Our prospective clients aren’t necessarily going to ask us for the first dance!

“Incorrect assumptions lie at the root of every failure.” Brian Tracy

Quote source: https://quotefancy.com/

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