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Leave a voicemail

It really helps.

But don’t only do it for these reasons:

  • To help build rapport.
  • Because marketing theory instructs us to keep adding positive touches in the relationship building process.

Leave a voicemail because it adds value to the conversation thread between the two of you.

It’s a nice thing to do.

No matter whether it’s personal or business, leave a message.

Be friendly.

Be warm.

Be human.

“But, if I leave a message, Richard, it takes away power because the other person knows why I’m calling and won’t feel compelled to ring me.”

Oh please! 😊

“A properly constructed and delivered voicemail message reduces the prospect’s vulnerability by delivering information about who you are and why you are calling. It greases the skids for a reply or a pick up the next time you call.”

Quote source: https://www.winwithoutpitching.com/

Thank you for reading.

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