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Make the phone your friend

How can you make the phone your friend?

I consider myself to have been very fortunate.

Fortunate because the telephone has been a very important communication tool for me throughout my working life.

Surprisingly, it’s not all about the phone! #

Yes, while telemarketing and telephone follow up calls form an important part of the slightly old school method of lead generation (the sector New Era Financial Introductions operates in), three other elements are also important:

1.      Research into a target sector
2.      Data management and reporting
3.      Email marketing

All help stack the odds more in favour of a successful outcome and help make the telephone work run more smoothly.

My dirty dozen telephone tips #

Perhaps the following twelve ideas (My Dirty Dozen) might help some of you to overcome any reticence to pick up the phone and to share a great concept you are running with:

1.      As you pick up the phone, lighten the mental load by smiling – you are not about to deliver bad news!

2.      Use visualisation to picture the person you are calling and the environment they are in. You will find it helps bring them closer to you and helps with engagement.

3.      Whenever possible, send some information before calling. Your potential clients will remember you and it adds a positive touch. On a call, you are also more likely to be put through to a decision maker if you have mailed or emailed them first.

4.      Speak slowly. It helps build rapport. Do members of the professions appear to be hurried when they are working with their clients?

5.      John Wayne must have been great on the phone. Here’s one of his quotes: “Talk low, talk slow and don’t say too much.”

6.      Treat the list you are working from as a feedback sheet – some yesses, some refusals and some long-term call backs. Remember, a refusal brings you closer to the next YES.

7.      Track your refusals for a pattern. The results might show a change of strategy or audience is needed.

8.      Avoid spending too much energy on each call. If you get a rejection, move on quietly.

9.      Keep adding new names to your list. Keep it fresh and updated.

10.    Build a soft comforting pillow of active prospects and future call backs stretching out from today to 9 months ahead. Sleep easy!

11.    Leave a voicemail whenever possible. It helps build rapport and adds another positive touch.

12.    You have invested heavily your product or service. You have also invested in becoming an expert in your field. Find out what your audience thinks of your expertise and your proposition.

There will be some rejection #

At New Era, we put up with the rejection, so our clients don’t have to. Please get in touch if you would like some help.

But for now, have faith.

And finally, please remember, prospective clients are busy people, just like you and I. They will engage with you when they are ready to buy, not when you are ready to sell.

“Emails get reactions. Phone calls start conversations.” – Simon Sinek

Quote source: https://www.theceomagazine.com/

Good luck with all your activity.

Thank you for reading

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