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Being understood

A Brit abroad.

Rather than be a nation of foreign language speakers, us Brits tend to shout when communicating with foreigners in English – even when we are in their countries.

This is deeply embarrassing!

The logic follows that, by shouting, we can be better understood. Of course, that is rubbish.

For most, it’s a turnoff – we won’t be listened to, let alone understood.

And, so it follows with marketing messages.

Can you imagine walking down the street or speaking with someone on the phone and immediately firing off a sales pitch at high speed, expecting them to buy?

To gain a greater understanding of any marketing challenges, the important first step is to put ourselves into the shoes of everyone we are in touch with, no matter what product or service we offer.

When we are in their shoes, what next?

We can climb into their minds!

Think how our they think.

Understand what matters to them.

Working out what they really want comes from properly seeing the world from their perspective, which is always different from ours.

This is the essence of lead generation, marketing, sales, marketing communication. The whole gamut!

Once we have done the essentials by building awareness, familiarity and trust, some of our strangers will become clients.

And they will become clients when the time is right for them.

Save the shouting for others. It is disrespectful and makes the shouter look foolish.

Everybody hears them. Nobody is listening. No one cares.

The shouter’s communication is all about them.

“If you want to be heard, stop shouting. If you want to be respected, be respectful.” – Zero Dean.

Quote source: https://zerodean.com

Thank you for reading.

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