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Our email shopping basket

Which email are we going to put in our shopping basket?

Technology is addictive.

It is thought that well over 90% of us check our emails daily, some as often as 20 times each day!

Why do we do this?

Perhaps we are looking to learn something new or maybe we feel a need to be informed or educated.

Here’s a thought. Isn’t opening up our inbox similar to popping to the shops, but with one simple difference?

That difference: complaining about the amount of choice available to us!

When shopping we don’t endlessly complain about the wide range of olive oil, tooth paste or bottled water available.

Filtering #

We dismiss those items we don’t need, or which aren’t on our list.

But emails, it seems to be a modern-day pastime to complain about how many messages we get. We add an abrasive edge to the action of dismissing or deleting the ones that aren’t helping us.

One day though, just like some of those items on the supermarket shelves, one or two of those messages we now dismiss, might serve us.

We might wish to buy those products or services.

A lot is spoken of the rarity of letters – useful for making a marketing impact, I agree.

But for mission critical services or those we offer confidentially, on a 1-2-1 basis, is the security of email to a direct address better?

Lumpy mail for impact #

Follow the herd. Send lumpy mail for impact. However, if more and more of us do it then the impact is lost and lost at higher and higher postage prices.

If we can learn to live with the fact our emails will be deleted because they aren’t relevant to most people at that time. And if we can appreciate that this is exactly what we do in the same circumstances, when we scoot down our inboxes, perhaps we will become more relaxed.

We can then move to a position of acceptance, that a confidential email, sent directly to a prospective client, when they are in the market for our products or services, will be positively received.

There is a bonus too.

Using the wonders of modern technology, the impact of our email messages can be easily tracked. The follow up process can then begin and we can start engaging: human to human.

Whereas with a letter, who knows?

Are our letters read? #

We will have no clue whether our carefully crafted communication has been read and; more importantly, whether the right person has read it.

A letter in the post is special. Most definitely. But save them for special one-offs or cards, gifts and invites.

“Complaining is draining. Complaining only takes away energy from today and never solves the problems for tomorrow.” – James Altucher

Quote source: https://livelifehappy.com

Thank you for reading.


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