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Open a relationship

“You don’t close a sale, you open a relationship if you want to build a long-term, successful enterprise” – Patricia Fripp

Quote source: https://goodreads.com

Do you offer a commodity product or service or a lifestyle product or service?

If what you offer is high margin and high value, then you are more likely to be in the lifestyle camp.

For a commodity, we can go online to buy a book, groceries and a T-shirt. We know exactly what we are buying. We don’t need any guidance from a representative to make a buying decision.

However, if your lifelong ambition is to own a Maserati, the whole buying experience is simply the best thing. You are going to want to go in for the full lifestyle experience, you are going to want to choose the exact colour and style of the wheels, the colour of the cloth or leather and any extras that you have set your heart on.

And that’s where you need the human contact. You will need a guide.

If your offering is high value or high margin product, it’s important to get in early with human contact to build the relationship.

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