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Help! I need somebody

The offer of support, when needed.

When faced with life challenges, we turn to others for assistance.

Yet, for many helpers, it seems to be so much easier to direct others to a resource and leave them to their own devices, when in fact, the type of help needed, is not that of a signpost. but that of a guide.

Often, hands-on, practical support will help others overcome the immediate challenge faced.

We don’t need help with the wider picture if the challenge we face is immediate.

The wider picture can wait for another time.

On a 999 call out, paramedics tend to the injured and sort out what is ailing their patient in the moment. What they don’t do is go off at a tangent and advise them on weight loss, their medication or lifestyle choices.

So, perhaps we can be more empathetic to others by helping them with their challenges in the moment because ultimately that will offer them the biggest immediate benefit.

The world has plenty of signposts. We are bombarded by them wherever we go.

Sometimes, we don’t need the well-meaning but clinical advice from a signpost. We need the helping hand of a guide.

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” – John Holmes.

Quote source: https://consciousmagazine.co

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