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Who are we looking for?

Our ideal clients. Who are we looking for?

“Don’t go through life trying to please everyone. If you try to keep every person happy, the one person that won’t be happy is you.” Joel Osteen.

Networking’s great…..but #

Yes, we all love business networking because it helps us with:

  • Business growth – networking fuels our business revenues.
  • Camaraderie – running a business can be a lonely pastime.
  • Reassurance – our challenges can be openly discussed with fellow group members
  • Altruism – we can give back by doing business with fellow group members, offering our friendship and helping them with their challenges.

And yet, inevitably, there is a but. However, it is quite small and very often our networking contacts can help us out.

As, very often, our networking groups won’t be crammed full of our ideal clients.

Client profiling #

Here is what we can do. Here is how we can build our ideal client profile….

From my own personal experience, I found the process ran more smoothly with the help of someone else probing and asking relevant questions about my ideal client.

I was asked:

  • Their age.
  • Where do they live?
  • What is their personality style?
  • What are their hobbies?
  • About their business – the good things and the bad things.
  • About their business worries.
  • What is in their hearts and minds?
  • About their worst-case scenario in business.
  • To describe their ideal business result and what it means them.

The next steps….

Research where they are likely to hang out – offline and online.


Top up this research by falling back on the wonders of the Information Age.

Here are 3 of them:

  • Free or low-cost access to information online for content creation.
  • Free or low-cost access to data (as much data as you can shake a stick at), from publicly available sources, on companies run by your ideal clients.
  • Free or low cost access to robust data management and email marketing platforms, so we can create a stir in the marketplace.

To sum up: We are good at what we do but it’s not easy. If it was easy, our ideal customers would be doing it. Most aren’t, so with the wonders of the Information Age, we can support them.

And, of equal importance, we can do this by owning our own data, our marketing lists and our content.

Using all these tools, we can ensure our promotions and wisdom go to the right places and get seen by the right people – our ideal clients.

“Quality over quantity. Choose the right clients for your success.” – Christine Hansen

Quote source: https://www.christinemeansbusiness.com/

Thank you for reading.

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