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Writing Habit

“A voice emerges when you stop playing to the crowd.” – David Hieatt.

Quote source: https://www.davidhieatt.blog

I was speaking with a friend recently.

He’d started posting regularly but stopped.

He stopped because he THOUGHT nobody was taking any notice of his work.

I guess he’d set a mental target of the number of likes, shares, comments and impressions he wished to experience but it seemed his posts and articles had fallen short of his expectations.

Here’s the REALITY though – people came up to him saying how much they’d missed his posts.

His writing had left its mark with people in his circle – his followers. It’s just that his people were slow in showing their appreciation.

Had he been holding on too tight to his work?

So tightly that he was expecting some reward or appreciation when he let his work go out into the ether.

Often our thoughts come to us “out of hours,” when we aren’t among work colleagues or networking contacts.

At these times, we cannot physically share our ideas.

If we become writers though, we can record our thoughts through our hands (the cutting tools of our brain) and release them out into the world, when we think the world is ready.

And even if the world isn’t ready, you never know, we might start a brand-new trend or a brand new movement!

So, if you feel you are stuck in a rut or feel the time is ripe to express yourself:

  • Write to discuss your experiences.
  • Write to describe what you do.
  • Write to describe how you do it; and
  • Write to describe why you do it in the way you do.

Develop a writing habit. Spend half a day brainstorming ideas. Feel the can of worms opening up!

Let your voice resonate. There’s probably no one else in your sector doing it.

I follow the work of David Hieatt, co-Founder of the Hiut Denim Company and The Do Lectures.

Here are a few of David’s thoughts on what writing means to him:

  • “I am at my best when I let go, release the handbrake, let others in.
  • Yes, writing often increases confidence. But more important, it decreases fear.
  • Writing better helps you think better. And vice versa.
  • A voice emerges when you stop playing to the crowd.”

Thank you for reading.

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