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Recently, Seth Godin’s excellent daily blog highlighted the challenges faced by firms hiring a head of marketing, noting that the role encompasses at least three jobs in one.

Seth pointed out the difficulty in filling the role and successful candidates often don’t stay put for long. He emphasised that often, insufficient resources are allocated and expectations are set unrealistically high compared to the workload.

In essence, marketing efforts are frequently crippled from the outset.

According to Seth, when a CEO seeks marketing assistance, it is usually to address a lack of marketing activity. This is often brought about by a shortfall in content creation for the marketing and sales teams to consistently narrate the brand’s story.

However, without the other essential elements: marketing strategy, sales support, and project management, little progress is made to keep the marketing efforts aligned. Momentum is stalled.

And momentum is crucial.

I’ve thought about the three vital components required to initiate a lead generation campaign: Data, Content, and Tenacity are key. The first two invariably bolster the third to support momentum of a campaign.

Progress breeds hope.

Hope generates momentum.

And when momentum pairs with tenacity, progress is made, completing the virtuous cycle.

“Most of life is routine – dull and grubby. But routine is the momentum that keeps us going. If we wait for inspiration, we’ll be standing on the corner, after the parade is a mile down the street.” – Ben Nicholas.

Quote source: https://quotefancy.com

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